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It's been a while :3

2013-03-23 03:50:00 by Sparkslasher

Hey everyone :)

Haven't posted here in a while, been caught up in exams and coursework for Media Studies.

Nice to know that everyone is still around though. :)

RIP Edd Gould (1988 - 2012)

2012-03-29 17:26:20 by Sparkslasher

At about 8 AM, my friend Liam rang my mobile and said "Edd from Eddsworld is dead". I didn't believe him - until I checked the Eddsworld YouTube channel.

Yes, on Sunday, the 25th of March 2012, Edd Gould, the animator/creator/voice actor of the popular YouTube/Newgrounds series "Eddsworld" passed away at the age of 23. He has been battling cancer (leukemia) for about 6 years. As Tom and Matt stated in the video, Edd had no idea that his battle would end. So he left without giving anyone any fear.

I'm very sad that he has passed away - we all are. Edd made me and my friend Liam's childhood worth living. I've been watching Eddworld since 2006.

RIP Edd Gould. I hope you like your cola palace and your cola filled pool up there...

RIP Edd Gould (1988 - 2012)

Merry Christmas!

2011-12-19 21:20:13 by Sparkslasher

Once again, Merry Xmas, and I hope everyone gets what they want!

Hopefully I will too XD.

New game

2011-08-28 11:46:56 by Sparkslasher

I am making a new game called Wife Search. You basically have to guide your stickman through a building with thugs and killers inside to get back your wife. Every button you click has an action, so you gotta be careful. Coming soon!

Here is a pic!

Don't worry about the white lines, they won't be there on the game lol, its just how flash exported the image.

New game

New Flash

2011-05-28 13:55:33 by Sparkslasher

Its only a short stickman video. "I Love To Change My Voice".

Madness Faicness

2011-01-23 10:11:27 by Sparkslasher

Like I said on my 19th entry post, I lost my 2 minute-so-far animation. That would've been good to post on here, but, fucking computers hate me you see.. Just as much as my bike.


I was thinking about re-animating it since I still have the plot and storyline in my notepad, as I have had it since I started animating Madness Faicness back in June 2010.

I never lose the plot..

Like I say, I never lose the plot, because I'm so idiotic to even write the plot down. Who even does this shit besides me? Ok back to the story, since I'm already losing THIS plot..

Christmas has just passed, as well as my birthday, so I have gotten a bit more money, so I can invest more time in Flash.

But to do that I need to stay out of the real world.. and come into the cyber world..

Or do both at the same time...


Anyways... in order to re-animate Madness Faicness, I need to copy up my plot and storyline onto my Laptop so then I won't lose it. But my other animatey-progressy-movie bullshit is still coming.

Madness Oviation

I'm repeating this. Madness Oviation was never meant to be slow. I didn't realize the FPS doesn't change until you click on 'test movie'. I only realized when I put it on the portal 'cos I forgot to check.

Although most of you aren't even reading this, 'cos I'm boring, you're probably playing games while trying to read this, but I couldn't care less.


Hanks Killhouse IV (65%
Still being animated, because I keep forgetting to work on it 'cos I cannot get off of my lazy bitch ass.

Coin For All II (25% and stopped)
Stopped being animated back in October 2010 because I think the 1st should be the only one.. since it sucked anyway.

GunBound (5 - 10%
Only done about 5%. Started animating that a LLLOOONNGGG while ago. Haven't really since.

SS: Stick War (50%)
It's actually coming a long. It's not really a stick war, its just people jumping off of high things.. a bit like XefPattersons 'Tha Cliff'.

Muzzletoff I (42% and paused)
Paused this so I can animate other shit.

Hanks Killhouse V (0% not confirmed yet)
Hmm... maybe.


Aight, thats my animatey crap while I gte back to reality. Hey thats a song! Wait, stick to the plan...
I will leave you all to it. Have a nice day while I go and commit suicide.. in my mind..

See ya!

- Jay, Boy Wonder :D

Merry Christmas!

2010-12-24 17:14:42 by Sparkslasher

One and all...

Hope you get what you want for Christmas :3

Fixed it!

2010-09-26 05:32:05 by Sparkslasher

I fixed my Zombie: Madness! I actually got some positive reviews. Some that I would'nt really expect.

Zombie: Madness

2010-09-25 19:46:10 by Sparkslasher

Sorry! For some reason it buggered itself up. I'll re upload. I think it's something to do with the preloader.


2010-09-25 19:22:03 by Sparkslasher

Just finished my zombie short!